Carlitos Hotel, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat – On May 31, 2024, a successful orientation was held at Carlitos Hotel, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat to initiate the implementation of the Kabuhayan ni Kaka Bai project. This project, funded by the Special Development Fund, aims to empower women in the BARMM by providing economic support and fostering self-reliance. It marks a crucial shift in perspective, transitioning from viewing Kaka Bai solely as beneficiaries of social programs to recognizing them as vital partners in driving BARMM’s economic growth.
The day commenced with a comprehensive overview of the Kabuhayan ni Kaka Bai project, its goals, and the anticipated positive outcomes for the participating women. Recognizing the importance of financial literacy, a dedicated session delved into the principles and practices of Islamic financing. This session equipped the Commission’s project focals with the knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions as they move forward with the project.
Following a transparent discussion, the selection process for project beneficiaries across all BARMM provinces was finalized. The format of the orientation included engaging presentations, informative workshops, and open discussions, fostering a space for questions and ensuring clear communication. Participant feedback throughout the day indicated a high level of enthusiasm and appreciation for the project’s initiative.
Moving forward, the project will transition from the planning stage to implementation. Economic support will be distributed according to the outlined procedures, and capacity-building workshops will be conducted to enhance the beneficiaries’ entrepreneurial skills. These workshops will equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively manage their businesses and achieve financial independence. To gauge the project’s success, a monitoring and evaluation system will be implemented to track progress and measure the impact on the beneficiaries’ economic well-being and overall contribution to BARMM’s economic landscape. The Kabuhayan ni Kaka Bai project holds immense promise for empowering women in BARMM, and this successful orientation marks a significant step towards achieving its goals.