May 27-28, 2019 – The BWC- BARMM in partnership with Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process conducted a Community Immersion with the theme “Kalilintad sa timpo na Ramadan” at Mamasapano Covered Court, Brgy. Ganta Sharif Saydona, Datu Salibu Covered court and Rajah Buayan Municipalities, province of Maguindanao, series of activities were conducted simultaneously, the target beneficiaries/participants were IDPs, Solo Parent and Widow. Activities were, Peace-misan- ” Conversation with Women, Symposium on the Rights of Women in Islam, Qur’an Reading, Story-Telling for Children, Film Viewing and Community Iftar.



The BWC-BARMM conducted a simultaneous symposium with the title “Rights of Women in Islam at Rajah Buayan and Mamasapano, Resource Speakers are Ustadza Jihan Batiting and Ustadza Pindaulan Balambag.