Forefront to achieve gender justice and family development as bases of sustainable developed Bangsamoro communities.


The Bangsamoro Women Commission is the lead agency that shall promote the welfare of and empower the Bangsamoro women and their families, protect their rights and prevent abuses thereof.


To promote and protect women’s rights and their families by strengthening services, mainstreaming and enjoining gender responsive governance through formulation and implementation of policies. programs and projects.


The Bangsamoro Women Commission shall be responsible for the development of women and their families by promoting and protecting their socio-economic and political rights, to attain a desired quality of life.


  1. Protect and prevent all forms of violence against women and their family.
  2. Consolidate issues and concerns of for policy advocacy and legislation.
  3. Conduct activities to strengthen women’s leadership and technical skills,
  4. Promote active involvement of women and family in civic organization and public affairs.
  5. Strengthen community cohesion and promote participation of women and family in schools and civic activities.
  6. Empower the participation of women in peace building and post conflict rehabilitation.
  7. Administer trainings and advocacy on social enterprises for women with provision of capital assistance, in close coordination with other concern agencies.
  8. Facilitate the provision of livelihood assistance for women with disabilities, solo parents, senior citizens, widowed and former combatants.
  9. Promote and mainstream conflict sensitive and peace promoting frameworks.
  10. Protect women inmates/detainees against abuses, discrimination and access to basic health needs.
  11. Promote family cohesion and development (i.e. during pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage).
  12. Promote Bangsamoro history and identity, and instill nationalism, patriotism, and unity in diversity.
  13. Monitor, evaluate, account and learn systems (MEALS) for women, peace and security agenda in BARMM.
  14. Accredits women’s organizations in the region and provide support therein.
  15. Serve as repository of all data concerning women.