June 24, 2020 – Cotabato City

The Office of Chief Minister thru the Bangsamoro Women Commission-BARMM in partnership with the Office of MP Bainon Karon conducted the finalization Workshop of the BARMM RAPWPS 2020-2022, and it was attended by the GAD Focal Persons of Ministries and Offices, and The United Nations Population Fund.

On the said activity, it was highlighted the presentations of recalling and understanding the context of ARMM and the FPA as well as the BARMM and CAB.

It was also highlighted the three (3) faces of gender dimension such as victimization, roles as well as the agency. Victimization due to increasing number of women who are sexually abused during the time of conflict. Roles in which men has given the priority over women, but less on agency in which lower number of women who are given the opportunity to seat during the peace negotiations.

Orientation on Basic Sex and Gender is also highlighted the fact that many of the participants are new.

The International legal mandates of WPS the UNSCR 1325 and 1820.

Lastly, the consolidated output in 2019 based on the workshop gather during the refinement and revalidation of the RAPWPS was presented.